Panel 8

Urban Cultures

Nicole Wolf
Thom Andersen
Madhusree Dutta
Tamer El-Said

Cities and the regulated anonymity that they afford have always been a subject for films. Urbanity and the cultural surplus liberated by it have also been the basis for independent, critical film work. Filmmakers from India, North America and Egypt spoke about the influence of the big cities they live in on their films and their thinking, about their relationship to and their critique of the representation of these cities in film media, and about the necessity that they feel to make films themselves about these cities and in the context of these cities. Ten minutes sections from each of these projects have been screened and their special connection to the topic of the city was discussed.

Nicole Wolf (film scholar, Goldsmiths, University of London)
Thom Andersen (filmmaker, California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles)
Madhusree Dutta (filmmaker, producer, curator, Majlis, Bombay)
Tamer El-Said (filmmaker, Cairo)