Ala Younis

Ala Younis is an artist and curator based in Amman. Through art, film, and publication projects, Younis investigates the position of individuals in a politically driven world, and the conditions in which historical and political conditions of the collective become personal ones. Younis curated "Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence" that premiered in 2012 at Museum of Modern Art in Kuwait, as well as "Maps, Timelines, Radio Programmes" for La Galerie, Contemporary Art Center in Noisy-le-Sec (Paris), "Out of Place" with Kasia Redzisz for the Tate Modern (London) and Darat al Funun (Amman), and "Momentarily Learning from Mega-Events" for Makan (Amman) in 2011. She has also curated film programs for the three editions of the Independent Arab Film (Arab Shorts), organized by Goethe Institut in Cairo (2009 – 2011), and is part of Arsenal's "Living Archive" project.