Azin Feizabadi

Azin Feizabadi is an Iranian-born, Berlin based filmmaker and visual artist. 
In 2009 he launched “A Collective Memory” –an ongoing project, that consists of subjective histories and subconscious facts from past, present and future historical events– concluding in a series of narrative video and film works. Arisen as a response towards the immediate social-political transformations in Iran, and further in the Middle East, “A Collective Memory” uses a poetic grammar to combat the three-act-narrative structure of (his)story telling. The Epic of the Lovers: Mafia, God and the Citizens (2009); The Negotiation (2010) and Conference of the Birds (2011) among others suggest an associative form of recording, viewing and narrating history through the cinematic and its expanded media. This year he has co-curated together with Dina Kafafi (Townhouse Gallery Cairo) and Jens Maier-Rothe (Beirut in Cairo) a symposium under the title “Citizens Reporting, A Collective Memory” at Mind Pirates Projektraum in Berlin.