Christoph Dreher

Christoph Dreher studied philosophy and political science (Free University, Berlin) as well as film at the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB).  He made numerous recordings with the band "Die Haut" (The Skin) between 1980 and 2000. Since the late '80s he has written and directed many documentary films and series, music videos, and other artistic film projects. Since 2001 Christoph Dreher has been professor of film and video at the Merz Academy.

Madhusree Dutta

Madhusree Dutta is a filmmaker, producer and curator. Gender, citizenship and urban scapes are her chosen areas of work. Her films have been screened widely in India and abroad in film festivals, art events and retrospectives. Dutta is also the executive director of "Majlis Manch", a centre for rights discourse and inter-disciplinary arts initiatives in Mumbai, India. The centre is engaged in campaigning for cultural literacy among students and other youth groups, facilitating interfaces among practices of different disciplines, and producing plays, films and multidisciplinary art works.