The panel analyzed the historical transformations of the western concept of the avant-garde from the perspectives of the histories of themes, affects, technologies, and economics. Alongside examining the terms and concepts of the historical avant-gardes, the panel focussed on the cultural and geo-political positioning of the various avant-garde movements. Where did and do comparable movements exist outside the canonized avant-gardes? How and where can post-avant-garde tendencies be developed today? For experimental film, the transformation in screening practice has always played a significant role in this question. Against the backdrop of newly developed distribution forms, we must ask where post-avant-garde movements can find a place to unfold their potential, to aspire to create or find their way, and what strategies for this can be discerned in the present.

Anselm Franke (curator, Berlin)
Laura Marks (film scholar, Simon Frasier University, Burnaby)
Ed Halter (curator, scholar, NYC)